The rain started almost as soon as the first glasses of champagne were poured at the inaugural L.I.M.E. dinner. The acronym stands for Local Impromptu Moveable Evening, and the moveable part came into play almost immediately as guests were ushered to a covered area to await further instructions. The original plan called for us all to be blindfolded and led next door for an alfresco dining experience, but the rain moved us inside, and organizers scrambled to set up tables and chairs in the home where we were taking cover.

Through it all, chef and organizer Renata Dos Santos remained affable and easygoing — perhaps due to her Trinidadian roots. Liming, in Trinidad, means hanging out with your friends, and her goal for this new dinner series is to provide an unhurried, relaxed evening.

After the initial delay, the dinner finally got going, but the flow never really recovered. The meal included an ambitious eight courses with alcohol pairings. Over the course of the night, we were treated to coconut ceviche, beet salad, sweet potato wedges, limoncello sorbet, lamb, pork belly, ice cream, and a chocolate truffle. Each came with its own drink, which ranged from champagne to Gingeritas, sake shots, pear vodkas, red wine, white wine, and even Prosecco. Some made it to the table in time to be paired with the right course, and some didn’t, which wasn’t a big deal for most of the enthusiastic diners. For lightweights in the crowd, the alcohol-to-food ratio was surely a bit out of whack.

As we drank and ate, the host charity Simply Divine Gardens, a group that builds therapy gardens for cancer patients, shared stories of their mission, gave out door prizes, and generally talked us through the night. Dos Santos was excited to announce that they’d sold out the event and raised $1,000 on behalf of Simply Divine. The next LIME dinner takes place October 9 and benefits Lowcountry Food Bank.