We couldn’t wait, so we met with A.C.’s owners to get the scoop on what the heck is going on behind those shaded windows.

A.C.’ers be advised, your beloved bar and grill is planning to reopen on Tuesday, and it’s not changing. They just needed to give the place a little facelift, per the health department instructions. Since relocating 10 years ago from lower King Street, across from the Kickin’ Chicken, A.C.’s hasn’t had the chance to close and do any renovations.

“It’s the old A.C.’s”, say co-owner Jim Curley, “just with a nicer floor and maybe a bit of a nicer bathroom.”

The old bar was torn out, but a new one has been built in its exact location. There’s some exposed brick now on the walls. The old patched-up floor has been re-tiled. The bathrooms have been painted, and the ladies restroom has a new floor. Besides a freshly-painted A.C.’s logo on the wall, these are the only changes.

“We’re not trying to scale up on anyone. We’re just trying to clean the place up so people aren’t afraid to eat here,” says Curley.

A.C.’s takes pride in their grub. “We actually enjoy having a reputation for really good food, and the look of the place was becoming a deterrent to people eating here,” Curley explains. He and the rest of the A.C.’s crew will continue business as usual once they reopen.

There’s no grand reopening planned or swanky new style that will detract from the A.C.’s-ness that loyal patrons have grown to appreciate.

“People go to trendy places and it’s hot for a year or two, and then it fizzles out. But places like this, no one wants to see it change,” says Curley.

After working out some kinks with their landlord, A.C.’s has renewed their lease for the next five years.

“We will keep doing exactly what we’ve been doing,” says Curley, and he promises that the A.C.’s staples, like the beer-of-the-month, Sunday brunch, and drink sizes will remain the same. And as for the bathrooms/spaces for anonymous expression, Curley confirms, “The chalkboards are still here.”