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Need help finding snacks? Our experts dive into these local faves

Happy 4/20, y’all (nudge, nudge, wink, wink). Whether you partake of locally sourced square grouper or are more a shrimp and grits type, you know what today is about — the munchies. And in a town rich in fine dining, fast casual and takeout services, there’s no shortage of choices when you’re feeling a craving. In fact, there might be too many choices. But fear not, kind reader, City Paper surveyed a collection of Holy City foodies and our own contributors to help focus your munchie options — even when it’s hard to focus. 

We broke down the list into different food groups to help narrow your search.
From ice cream to taters to tacos to pastries to pork, enjoy the day and fill that belly! 

Waffles and cereal

Belgian waffles
Sweet Belgium 
424 King St. Downtown

“Fluffy Belgian waffles with a bevy of sweet drizzles and toppings! This is breakfast-meets-snack any time of the day.” —Scott Suchy

Belgian waffles | Sweet Belgium (listed above)
Captain Crunch Deviled Eggs | Jack of Cups Saloon (listed below)

Captain Crunch Deviled Eggs
Jack of Cups Saloon
34 Center St. Folly Beach

“Never imagined I’d want mayo and cereal together, but these deviled eggs are what dreams are made of.” —Samantha Connors

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Sticky Bun
Daps Breakfast & Imbibe
280 Ashley Ave. Downtown

“My way of enjoying a staple from my childhood as a grown-up.” —Jai Jones (@jaieats)


Cereal Doughnut | Hero Doughnuts and Buns

Cereal Doughnut 
(topped with Fruity Pebbles!)
Hero Doughnuts and Buns
145 Calhoun St. Downtown

“There’s something about mixing two foods that does it for me. Combine Fruity Pebbles with frosted doughnut. Add iced coffee to wash it down. So simple, yet so delicious.” —Michael Pham

Ice cream

Not Fried Chicken Ice Cream
Life Raft Treats
Order online at and pickup at a designated location. 

“It’s really cool to bring it to friends and see the surprise on their face when they realize it’s ice cream and not fried chicken.  It’s an unexpected combination.”—Rūta Smith

Ice Cream Cookie Sundae
Off Track Ice Cream
6 Beaufain St. Downtown

“When you’ve got a sweet tooth craving, nothing hits the spot like Off Track’s vegan cookies topped with ice cream (also vegan!) and a fudge or caramel drizzle.” —SC 

Soft serve cones
Turbo Cone
828 St. Andrew’s Blvd. West Ashley

“Turbo Cone has soft serve with ACTUAL FLAVOR — and, bonus, you can get them dipped in a hard shell.” —SS


Aloha Fries
Coleman Public House
427 W Coleman Blvd. Mount Pleasant

“All the delicious poke seasonings and drizzles, but on fries!” —SS

Curly Fries
Lewis Barbecue
464 Nassau St. Downtown

“I’m a huge snacker and don’t usually have the time or energy to cook, so some of my go-to munchies are the curly fries from Lewis Barbecue.” —Emma Waugh (@girleatseverything)

Collision Fries
Holy City Brewing
1021 Aragon Ave. North Charleston 

“French fries doused in pepperjack beer cheese and topped with bacon lardon, ranch and scallions? I’ll take two, please.” —SC

Disco Fries | The Royal American

Disco Fries
The Royal American
970 Morrison Drive. Downtown

“Everything that comes out of Royal’s kitchen is a perfect munchie in my eyes, but the black pepper brown gravy on these fries makes it hard not to finish the entire plate in one sitting.” —SC

Five Spice Crinkle Fries
Mi Xao
1055 S.C. Hwy 41 Mount Pleasant

—From the taste buds of Vi Fessenden (@hoangviton)

“Good ’ole Fashioned” Tots
Home Team BBQ
1205 Ashley River Road. West Ashley
126 Williman St. Downtown
2209 Middle St. Sullivan’s Island

“Always fried just right; crunchy on the outside and smooshy on the inside.
I don’t know how to begin to explain the sauce, but it’s the perfect pairing with the saltiness of tater tots and a game changer on the side.” —Marian Williams  (@charlestonfoodist)

Rec Room Tater Tachos
Recovery Room Tavern
685 King St. Downtown

“Slathered in jack and cheddar cheese and topped with green peppers, onions, jalapenos and tomatoes, these tots hit the spot every time.” —SC

Tot Poutine with egg | Triangle Char & Bar

Tot Poutine with egg
Triangle Char & Bar
828 Savannah Hwy. West Ashley 

“These are awesome crispy tater tots with mouth-watering pulled pork topped with a fried egg.” —Melissa Veal

Truffled Tots
Caroline’s Aloha Bar
15 Magnolia Road

“Get an extra kick by pairing garlic aioli dipping sauce with these crispy tots seasoned with white truffle oil and smoked sea salt.” —MV

Pastries and baked goods

Baker’s Dozen Little Biscuits
Callie’s Hot Little Biscuits
476½ King St. Downtown
188 Meeting St. Downtown

“Callie’s Little Biscuits come in sweet and savory flavors like cheese and chive, black pepper bacon and blackberry. They’re the perfect bite-sized snack to enjoy solo or share with friends.” —SC

Buttered Banana Bread
babas on Cannon
11 Cannon St.
babas on Meeting
804 Meeting St.

“It’s crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Buttered bread brought to the next level.” —RS

Chocolate croissants
Saffron Restaurant & Bakery
333 East Bay St. Downtown

“Huge, buttery and loaded with gooey cocoa goodness.” —Chris Dixon

Giant baked pretzels
Commonhouse Aleworks
4831 O’Hear Ave. North Charleston

—From the taste buds of Allison Romanillos

Obstinate Flatbread
The Obstinate Daughter
2063 Middle St. Sullivan’s Island 

“That butterbean puree is SO good!” —Jeanna Baiocco (@cloudywithachanceofvodka)

“You can’t go wrong with this warm, smooth, flavorful dish. The Obstinate flatbread is like the song “Gimme More” by Britney Spears; you will come for the butterbeans, but stay for the warm pita.” —MW

babas on Cannon
11 Cannon St. Downtown
babas on Meeting
804 Meeting St. Downtown

“I can eat one of these after every single meal. It’s sweet, flaky and baked in the shape of a heart. But that doesn’t mean you have to share it with a loved one.” —MP

Sea Salt and Rosemary Bagel
Brown’s Court Bakery
199 St. Philip St. Downtown

“They’re almost always sold out and are definitely to die for!” —Nicole Rosania (@nicole.rosania)

Meats and savory treats

Crispy Calamari Steak Slices
Amen Street
205 E Bay St. Downtown

“It’s not the super chewy calamari that most places serve. It’s also paired with bacon, which instantly wins my taste buds over.” —Angell Troxler (@lifeofanangell_)

Duck quesadillas
1262 Remount Road. North Charleston

“Duck meat is such a juicy, flavorful meat, and in a quesadilla, it’s just perfect.” —RS

Johnny Dog 
(or any hot dog from there, really)
Jack’s Cosmic Dogs
2805 N. Hwy. 17. Mount Pleasant

“Jack’s keeps the toppings simple with this one — onion, pickle and spicy mustard. It’s delicious, but I just like hot dogs.” —SC

Jackrabbit Filly
4628 Spruill Ave. North Charleston

“It’s bite sized and offered in mild or Sichuan hot depending on how brave you’re feeling.” —Déla O’Callaghan

Magic Wings
The Royal American
970 Morrison Drive. Downtown

“There is something literally magic about those wings. I cannot not get an order anytime I’m at Royal.” —MP

Pulled pork sandwich
Bert’s Market
202 E Ashley Ave. Folly Beach

“It’s cheap and delicious for an after-surf lunch. Pair it with a bag of Lowcountry Kettle Spicy Pimento Cheese Chips and a Blenheim hot ginger ale.” —CD

Vietnamese Ham and Pâté Banh Mi
Bon Banh Mi
162 Spring St. Downtown
1440 Ben Sawyer Blvd. Mount Pleasant

“Vietnamese Iced Coffee and Vietnamese Ham and Pâté are a quick pick me up that always satisfies my savory palette!” —VF


BBQ Nachos
Martins Bar-B-Que Joint
1622 Highland Ave. James Island

—From the taste buds of Paul Roof (@thebeercanprofessor

Hush puppies
1049 Everglades Ave. North Charleston

“I could live on the hush puppies at MOMO. They’re essentially a vehicle for butter, but a delicious vehicle.” —DO 

Box of tacos | El Molino Supermarket

Box of tacos, chips and dip
El Molino Supermarket
1610 Sam Rittenberg Blvd. West Ashley

“A great thing about enjoying (binge watching) an addictive show or watching a flick at home means we get to pick up guac and chips and tacos from El Molino in West Ashley.” —Raheel Gauba and Maryam Ghaznavi

Box of tacos
Santi’s Restaurante Mexicano
1302 Meeting St. Downtown

“A box of American or Mexican (street) style chicken or steak tacos at Santi’s on Meeting Street are the perfect fuel for a session at SK8 Charleston.” —CD

Jazzy Pizza | Dellzville

Jazzy Pizza
1617 Ashley River Road. West Ashley

“This is a munchie that’s covered with vegetables.  It’s a healthy munchie.” —RS

Trashcan Nachos
Saltwater Cowboys
130 Mill St. Mount Pleasant

“Saltwater Cowboys stacks layers of pico, queso, black beans, sour cream, jalapenos and your choice of smoked chicken, turkey, pulled pork or brisket in a tin can to crown the chips with all of the toppings. The tin can is then lifted off, and the nachos splay out in the most beautifully delicious way.” —SC

Vegan Nacho Bowl
1617 Ashley River Road. West Ashley

“Munching sweet, spicy and savory nachos and not feeling queasy from too much protein is always an A-plus in my book.” —MP


Baked pimento cheese dip with pork rinds
The Royal American
970 Morrison Drive. Downtown

“Crispy pork rinds with a creamy cheese and sweet pepper relish … just like your Southern momma makes.” —MV

Boiled peanuts
The Alley
131 Columbus St. Downtown

“They make a total mess and offer your weekly recommended amount of sodium, but the spicy meatiness is to die for.” —DO 

OG Garlic Noodles | Pink Bellies

OG Garlic Noodles
Pink Bellies
595 King St. Downtown

“The buttery, garlic goodness in the noodles is super delicious. The sauce is where it’s at.” —RS

Grit flight
(A sampler of grits with pimento cheese, brussels pesto, blueberry and peach cobbler)
Grace & Grit
320 Wingo Way. Mount Pleasant

“It really invites you into the world of grits. As Cady Heron from Mean Girls would say, ‘The limit does not exist.’  Growing up, you can’t tell me that you thought that grits came in sweet and savory categories, but they really prove you wrong.” —MW

Sweet Chili Doritos Wontons
Jack of Cups Saloon
34 Center St. Folly Beach

“Nothing says ‘I’ve got the munchies’ like coating edamame-stuffed wontons with crushed-up pieces of this seriously underrated Doritos flavor.” —SC

Whipped Feta | Butcher & Bee

Whipped Feta
Butcher & Bee
1085 Morrison Drive. Downtown

—From the taste buds of Jeanna Baiocco

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