Word came in today that Apex Broadcasting station 96 Wave (96.1 FM) planned to switch formats this evening from whatever kind of “heavy rock” hybrid they’ve been tinkering with this year to an “Adult Hits” (a.k.a. “Variety Hits” or “Classic Hits”) format. Rumor had it they’ll be named (or nicknamed) “Chuck,” similar to other Adult Hits station around the country. Could this be the end of 96 Wave as Charleston has known it for decades?

Will they start playing the Bee Gees and Elton John next to Green Day and My Chemical Romance? Will Lancer, Wendy, Nick, Max, The Critic, other on-air talent be forced to spin John Mayer and Jefferson Starship? We’ll find out this week for sure.

[image-1]** [only a few hours into the new “Chuck FM” format on Friday evening, it sounded like things zig-zagged from Poison to Dead or Alive to Robert Palmer to .38 Special to K.C. & The Sunshine Band to OMC to Elvis Presley, etc. … no jocks, no back-announcing, no explanations … all of the Wave information online has been deleted and replaced only by the image to the left]

*** [Tues. Sept. 4 — word also has it that most of the regular Wave DJs have either been dismissed entirely or elbowed over to new duties at Apex’s B-92 FM station. No word from Apex on their plans for their forthcoming Charleston frequency, 101.7 FM, due to launch in the fall or winter … stay tuned]