We’re used to seeing drunk girls standing on top of bars, but the owner of one of our favorite downtown watering holes? Not so much. But that’s just what happened on Sunday when we stopped by Recovery Room Tavern for their third anniversary party. After the crowd serenaded Christopher “Boston” DiMattia with a heartwarming rendition of “Happy Birthday” (complete with cake and candles), he took to the bar to give thanks to his loyal patrons, most of whom were decked out in denim and downing PBR, in true Recovery Room style.

We had arrived earlier in the evening, right in time for the Half Court Shot, an event in which people donated $1 to Ronald McDonald House in order to attempt to get a basketball into the hoop in the tavern’s backyard. Apparently this wasn’t the most athletic group — after countless people missed and I had given up hope that anyone would even come close to the net, there was a resounding cheer when one person’s ball hit the backboard. Eventually a cheer of amazement rang when a ball actually made it in. The day also featured an egg toss, three-legged race, the Drinker of the Year award, and an epic belching contest.

Before the evening came to a close, we made our way to the food carts outside, faced with the difficult decision of choosing between snacks from Hello My Name is BBQ or Diggity Donuts. Ultimately we opted for the donuts, specifically the pomegranate mojito donut, which quite literally tasted like a fried mojito, simultaneously delighting and confusing the taste buds. As we finished our donuts and PBRs, we couldn’t help but wonder how Boston could ever top the insanity at next year’s party.