I’ve been obsessed. For the past few months, I’ve watched and rewatched the trailers for the new Halloween, trying to pick out all the local places I recognize. Thing is, I’m not even really a big Halloween fan, or a horror fan generally. But as an outsider looking in, the craft of piecing together a feature film seems like a dark art that should not be possible for humankind. All the people, the places, the big stuff like locations and the little stuff like ‘who’s got the ponchos in case it rains?’ Of course, it’s easier than ever to make a movie, but with our attention being pulled in every direction, making a good movie for which people shell out money at the theater is another story. In our interview with director David Gordon Green a few weeks ago, he discussed how he wrestled with rethinking the existing franchise and drawing inspiration from his forerunners. Excited about the movie and appreciate the craft? Head to a local theater and pay for a ticket. Happy Halloween! —Sam Spence