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And to think we were worried that we wouldn’t have anything to obsess about this morning after the Lost finale. Problem solved.

Will Folks’ claim of an extramarital affair with gubernatorial hopeful Nikki Haley has, indeed, shook up the South Carolina political establishment.

There are a few things we’d point out in this story:

• It appears, at this point, that Folks was prompted to post his confessional because of the looming Free Times story. After reading what the Free Times had so far, I’m shocked he took it seriously. There was one insider who claimed confessions from Folks and a former Haley staffer, but nothing else. Folks’ post legitimized the story in a way that would have never happened otherwise.

• Haley’s “100 percent” denial poses a problem for Folks. Nobody is heaping unwarranted praise when they call him the state’s top political blogger. He has pledged not to comment further, but a flat denial from Haley means that his legitimacy is on the line. He can come out with more details or pull the shades and close up shop.

• Interesting to note that it appears Folks or his website crew spoke with the Haley campaign in the days after the site and the campaign were grilled about the rumored affair. The blog post from last Tuesday cited internal campaign polling. How’s that for a site trying to ruin her campaign?