Charleston sure does love a good tribute concert. Here are some other novelty acts you can catch in the next week, honoring Talking Heads, David Bowie, Prince, Black Sabbath, and Curtis Mayfield.


Same As It Ever Was
Talking Heads, Prince, and David Bowie Tribute
Fri. July 22 and Sat. July 23
10 p.m.
$12/adv., $15/door, $20/both nights
Pour House

Knoxville, Tenn. tribute band Same As It Ever Was (SAIEW) is packing the hits and star power of Talking Heads, Prince, and David Bowie into two nights. For years now, SAIEW has been performing Talking Heads sets that reflect the legendary band’s avant-garde, nerd-punk style, both musically and visually. This time, SAIEW will stick to embodying David Byrne and company the first night, while the second night will consist of a shorter Talking Heads set followed by an evening of hand-picked Prince and Bowie tunes.

“I think the common thread in that music is the fact that it all cuts through genre and stereotypes,” reflects founder and lead vocalist Curtis Geren. “All three were innovators in different ways, transcending and breaking beyond more than just the boundaries of music.”

The show will certainly reflect breaking boundaries in its Psycho Killer-meets-Darling Nikki-meets-Ziggy Stardust premise — but in the best of ways. “As I’ve said in the past, creating music that moves both the body and the mind simultaneously is a special thing,” says Geren. “And these guys did exactly that.”


White/Bogan Duo and Jordan Igoe
Black Sabbath Tribute
Sun. July 24
6:30 p.m.
$95/adv., $110/door
Music Farm

Commune. Supper Cult & Event Collaborative, Farm To Table Event Company, and Music Farm Productions have teamed up to give Charleston some rock ‘n’ roll with a side of pork. WarPigs! is an event that exists somewhere within the more badass and admittedly carnivorous definition of “dinner and a show.” Audience members can enjoy four courses made with heritage pork and catch White/Bogan Duo, who will be joined by local singer-songwriter Jordan Igoe on vocals.

The unconventional crew will perform a fresh tribute to Ozzy and company. “It will be a little different than a four-piece band,” says Ross Bogan, guitarist, keyboardist, and vocalist of the duo. “I can’t sing like Ozzy, so I used a lot of strange effects to get my vocal sound.”

While the local musicians bring the rockin’ entertainment for the night, chefs Kristian Niemi, Frank Bradley, and Blair Machado will provide the eats. McCarus Beverage Company will pair wine with each course, so you can enjoy some Sabbath in true Ozzy Osbourne style.


B-Side Players
Curtis Mayfield Tribute
Tues. July 26
9:30 p.m.
Pour House

San Diego Latin-funk rockers B-Side Players are hitting up Charleston to honor the music and message of Curtis Mayfield in what looks to be a socially aware tribute show. In this musical celebration, the soulful and empowering hits of Mayfield will meet the West Coast Latin groove for which the Players are known.

“Organizing this show was a great pleasure because of the great music we had to learn and the social content of the lyrics that are so relevant in what’s going on today,” says lead vocalist and guitarist Karlos “Solrak” Paez. “The timing could not have been better for this tribute.”

The culturally celebratory vibes of Mayfield and the Players couldn’t be a better fit either. The Players bring Latin American genres and styles such as Cumbia, Samba, and Son Montuno into their tunes just as Mayfield worked Chicago soul, gospel, and R&B into his.

“Mayfield’s music has been very influential to us in the 20-plus years that we have been together,” Paez says. “We have always been a socially conscious band and will always be students of funky soul with the universal message of love.”