Charleston’s underground roving restaurant popped up in a West Ashley photography studio last week and welcomed the gastroPod, a street food cart from Miami. Chef Jeremiah parked his Shiny Twinkie, a 1962 Airstream, outside the garage bay at the studio and cooked the hell out of some delicious food.

But first he encouraged the crowd, full of Guerrilla Cuisine virgins, to get drunk, have fun, and do not ask them to cut anything in half or put ketchup on it. “None of that shit,” he warned good-naturedly.

Luckily, none of his food needed anything more than a shot of Sriracha here and there. The first course was a cool and refreshing start: tender octopus on a bed of tart pickled red onions.

Sloppy Josés came next. Why? Because there are more Josés than Joes where Jeremiah comes from. A triangle of toasted potato bread was topped with a pile of beef brisket that had a smoky espresso flavor. At first, plastic forks and knives were politely used, but then everyone got smart and picked it up and ate it like the street food it was meant to be.

At this point, Megan Jean and the KFB broke out the washboard and banjo for a couple of fun tunes. Then the burlesque girls got down to business, but we were more concerned with enjoying the next course, an arepa topped with a poached egg. We stopped taking notes at about this time, but we clearly remember the beautiful banh mi taco that came next. Bright Asian flavors married perfectly with the taste of the corn tortilla. Crispy and chewy all at the same time, it was definitely the hit of the night.

A fun S’more-inspired marshmallow concoction came out for dessert, but not before a couple more burlesque numbers from the adorable girls, who were miraculously outshone by the chops of the stand-up bass player. Seriously, this guy made amazing music with his enormous instrument.

Overall, it was a swell installment for GC, whose hostest with the mostest, Jimihatt, started the evening on a festive note by announcing that his wife is pregnant —with twins. Congrats (and good luck with that).