When it was announced that the new Halloween movie would be written, shot, and edited entirely in the Charleston area, one’s imagination was alive with possibilities. There were quite a few locations that doubled for Michael Myers’ path of destruction in Haddonfield. Here are but a few of them:


If you’re a Haddonfieldian wanting to dance your Halloween night away, you couldn’t choose a better location than the Danny Jones Complex in North Charleston.

When Laurie had a nice grandmother-granddaughter meeting she chose none other than a football field in Park Circle.


The BP on Yeamans Hall in Hanahan was where Mr. Myers finally got his beloved tattered William Shatner mask back.

When a semi-sloshed Laurie decided to make a wonderful family event into a moment of angst and awkwardness, she chose none other than Burton’s Grill in Mt. Pleasant.


During a fun trick or treat scene (that may or may not have resulted in a murder), MM chose a home in Hampton Park Terrace.


Laurie’s booby-trapped hellhole was none other than a lovely farmstead actually located in North Charleston.