To achieve the ultimate culinary education one should: a) Munch on Hearty Man TV dinners while watching the Food Network, b) Juggle ginsu knives, screaming “BAM!” while blasting the Kitchen Confidential book on tape. Or c) Make a reservation for “Springtime Evenings with Enzo” at Wild Dunes Resort. If you chose C you are correct, (if you chose A, I’m probably dating you). Wild Dunes Executive Chef Enzo Steffenelli shares his culinary expertise and knowledge throughout the spring in this once-a-month dining experience. February is game lovers delight — wild game that is. Enzo prepares quail, buffalo, venison, and pheasant, coupled with wines from South Africa. It’s off to Italia on March 9, then to the West Coast on April 6 with a focus on Napa Valley cuisine and the region’s signature wines. The prix fixe evenings cost $65 a person. Call 886-2252 to make reservations. —Kinsey Labberton


Chef Jacques Larson dashed off a note to City Paper before heading to New York City to work with his idol, master Italian Chef Mario Batali. Larson, of Cintra (and previously Union Hall), wrote, “I know working with Batali and his organization will help me take my command of Italian food to the next level.” As one of the founding members of the Peninsula Grill staff, Larson admitted that after 10 years, Charleston has become home, and included, “I want to thank you for your support of me. I look forward to a time when I may be able to cook for you again in Charleston.” So we can cross our fingers that after a little bonus italiano educazione he’ll come back with pasta and prosciutto aplenty. —KL


What time is it, you say? Time to hit the sauce. Sweet dreams of succulence are now just a bottle away with the introduction of the Boathouse restaurant’s new line of gourmet specialty sauces and foods. “[Boathouse owner] Richard Stoney has had plans to create a sauce line in the works for some time,” says buyer Jason Davidson. Graphic designer Amy Pastre’s clever packaging places pastel labels illustrated with nautical knot tying instructions over glass bottles of the franchise products. Steak Sauce, Worcestershire, Hoison Ginger Sauce, and Green Tabasco Cream Sauce flavors as well as Blue Cheese Flat Bread Chips will be available at all Boathouse and Carolina’s locations. Davidson added that negotiations are in effect with Boone Hall Farm’s store and other local specialty shops to carry the tasty line. Now Boathouse visitors can take their favorite tastes home. —KL