The sad rumors prove true — downtown breakfast treasure Bookstore Café is closing its doors and moving to the land of milk and yuppies. According to manager Andrew Clarke, the move to Mt. Pleasant was decided after the Chase Furniture building came under new ownership. “Basically, the rent went up, and so we found a place where we can seat more people and pay less than half the amount for rent than we’re paying now,” says Clarke. A far cry from their current residence, Bookstore’s new location will take the place of the former Salt and Pepper Café, adjacent to the Anna Knapp shopping center. The long lines will cease to gather at Bookstore’s King Street storefront starting April 23, and Clarke estimates the Mt. Pleasant location will open sometime between May 5-15. The owners plan to keep the menu intact, with minor variations. “We plan on getting an espresso machine sometime in the near future, and will possibly be opening for dinner with a beer, liquor, and wine license,” says Clarke. —Kinsey Labberton


Yo Burrito! fans take heart! Its new 77 Wentworth St. location will be opening in May and promises to offer the same tasty food and low prices. Look for a more refined, funner Yo!, as owner Nick Powers has broken the bank refurbishing the new spot. Also moving onto King Street is the national chain Tacone. Franchisees Kit Regnery and Buddy Berbergal will open the quick-fix wrap, quesadilla, and salad joint this summer. James Island is also on the burrito bandwagon with the premier of Barberitos Southwestern Grill and Cantina. The grill, owned by Rich Lynch, opened last week at 1739 Maybank Hwy. Just lay off on the bean burritos, Charleston. The marsh gas alone is plenty. —Elle Lien


Someone get a memo off to Queen Elizabeth stat, it’s time to give out some knighthoods to honor our favorite moguls, Sir Ben and Sir Jerry. The environmentally conscious ice-cream selling CEOs solidified their merit with the recent announcement of their annual event, FREE CONE DAY! On Tues. April 25, from noon to 8 p.m., Ben and Jerry’s franchises across the world will open their doors and scoop out free dollops of your favorite flavor, be it Phish Food or Chunky Monkey. Just their way of saying thanks to loyal customers for 28 years of success. Hit up the Charleston location at 96 N. Market Street to get in on the fun. Go UNILEVER! —KL