To locals, the name Trader Joe’s means the used furniture store in West Ashley. But now a new Joe is coming to town. The new Trader Joe’s is a “unique grocery store” specializing in organic, vegetarian, and kosher foods. That part may sound similar to other local organic food stores, but the rest is not. Trader Joe’s also carries a line of international groceries, many not found anywhere else in the States. The store also has a “tasting panel” to sample every product before any orders are placed. Also, customers are encouraged to bring back any food that they end up not enjoying. The grocery store is still being built at 2980 Ashley Phosphate Road. —Katherine DuPre


Vickery’s, an old favorite for its Lowcountry and Cuban flavors, is now appealing to a new palate with “Soul Food Sundays.” Chef Nigel Drayton came up with the idea. “It’s like something I would do at home on Sundays,” he says. The idea began as a series of specials added to the menu every now and then. Drayton says the dishes were praised every time. “People were like, when are you going to do this?” he says, and now the restaurant is taking the hint and making it a regular thing. Sunday morning brunch isn’t changing, but the Sunday night menu (at the downtown branch only) now offers a “meat and three” special, with fried fish, fried chicken, turkey, and ribs, just to name a few. Sides include collards, macaroni and cheese, lima beans, and okra stew. The meal is $5.99 and includes cornbread and tea. Drayton ran a test trial last Sunday, and if it continues to do well, Soul Food will be here to stay. –KD


Come on, turkeys need a reason to be thankful, too. Earth Fare and Whole Foods are offering all-natural, free-range birds for Turkey Day this year. This means that the turkeys had a low-stress, healthy life before hitting your table. Tom Stone of Bell & Evans, the brand that Whole Foods offers for $1.99/lb, says that the turkeys are broad-breasted and lean, have a better overall quality than other grocery store turkeys, and have a “much richer turkey flavor.” Earth Fare has three brands of all-natural turkeys to choose from. Alison’s Family Farms out of North Carolina offers all-natural, free-range turkeys for $1.99/lb. The stores also offer Plainville Farm’s all-natural, free-roaming turkeys and Eberly Poultry’s organic, free-range turkeys. Sure, these turkeys are a little more expensive (Harris Teeter offers Butterball turkeys for approximately half the price), but you can sleep well at night knowing that your dinner had a good life before you gobbled him up. Call ahead to reserve your bird. –KD