Captain Obvious Strikes Again

This should come as no surprise for those who enjoy “having a good time on the bad side of town” on a weekly or albeit daily basis, but Moe’s Crosstown Tavern at 714 Rutledge Ave. just received a little national recognition in the June edition of Esquire for being a Tony the Tiger kind of GREAT! Joining the magazine’s “Best Bars in America” rank and file, featuring 56 other watering holes, this small and smoky but always wonderful dive bar with great food deserves a sitting-on-a-stool ovation. —Lindsay Sainlar

Truthiness Gets Even Sweeter

Charlestonians, keep your ‘frenemies’ close and your ice cream closer! Native Charlestonian Stephen Colbert, bona fide pop culture icon through his collaboration on The Daily Show and especially his parody news show The Colbert Report, has now been immortalized in the form of ice cream. Stephen Colbert’s AmeriCone Dream, Ben & Jerry’s highly anticipated new flavor combining vanilla ice cream with swirls of caramel and chunks of fudge-covered waffle cone pieces, hits the frozen aisle of local Piggly Wiggly grocery stores on May 16. If you’re not convinced of its glory quite yet, Charleston-area Piggly Wiggly stores will offer in-store sampling of AmeriCone Dream on May 26. Even though your scales may tip a little, remember that a portion of the proceeds of AmeriCone Dream sales will go to the Stephen Colbert AmeriCone Dream Fund, which support charities close to Colbert’s heart. In support of Colbert’s mission, Piggly Wiggly has agreed to donate the profits of AmeriCone Dream sales to local charities. Purchase your patriotism by the pint at the Pig, Charleston! Your city is counting on you! —Laura Zapp

Rich Food at a Poor Price

Meals to feed the family without breaking the bank seems like an unattainable goal, especially if you’re looking for a healthy and creative approach to cooking on a budget. Actor-turned-host-and-creator of a new television show appropriately titled The Poor Chef, Charles Maddocks has come to every penny-pincher’s rescue. The Poor Chef focuses on creating and cooking meals for two or more people for $7 or less. Even more enticing to price-checkers, many of the ingredients can be found within the confines of viewer’s own cupboards. Maddocks and the show will travel across the country in search of affordable and appetizing meals made by everyday people. Currently being shopped to various major networks, be sure to keep your eyes peeled, The Poor Chef will be coming soon to a station near you. Check your local listings to view a segment of The Poor Chef, which airs on NBC’s Daytime Show, shown every Thursday at 10 a.m. in syndication. For more information, visit —Laura Zapp

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