“I’m from Asheville, which people say is kind of a hippy, hikey, granola-y, feminist, patchouli-smelling kind of place, where people have drum circles and probably trip on acid, too.” So joked chanteuse Christine Kane at Charleston Ballet Theatre on Sunday by way of introduction. Kane was performing a [image-1]set of folksy music that was originally supposed to have taken place beneath Angel Oak on Johns Island the day previous, with CBT dancers as visual accompaniment. But tropical depression Barry squelched those plans, and Sunday’s 4 pm make-up date was attended by a small but supportive group of CBT faithful.

Kane didn’t seem to take the postponement too hard. “There was rain, and we danced in it. There was mud, and we ran in it,” she sang. “We were made in the shade of everything green.” Kain was charming and funny, and if her Indigo Girls-influenced songs sometimes seemed a little heavy handed with their leftie messages, where’s the harm in that? Still, I think many of those in the room wouldn’t have objected to another year of watching the CBT dancers roll around in the mud themselves in another presentation of the company’s R-rated Rite of Spring.