Just as you can count on the Confederate Jasmine to bloom each spring, the end of April always seems to mark the bloom of a fresh crop of national Charleston travel stories. Three big pieces were published in the past week from the likes of GQ, Conde Nast Traveler, and the New York Times.

Now, the good news: two thirds of these stories were written by locals which means we don’t have to wade through the moonlight and magnolias myopia so often associated with national hot takes on our city. The bad news, errrbody gonna be booking a flight to Charleston (nothing new there) in about a week.

Here’s a look at what we got instead.

The Lee Bros. turned in an excellent piece on Charleston’s new Brewery District in the New York Times. Yes, the brewers appear to be trying to pry the NoMo moniker from my cold dead keyboard, but if it means more nearby beer, I might allow it. For their tour through the burgeoning brew area, the brothers Lee managed to include Sk8 Charleston, Cooper River Brewing, Magnolia Cemetery, Martha Lou’s Kitchen, Revelry Brewing, Santi’s, Munkle Brewing, Coast Brewing Co., Fatty’s Beer Works, Tradesman Brewing, Edmund’s Oast Brewing Co., and Lo-Fi Brewing. Whew. And they made a case for fighting to avoid Charleston becoming too precious. We’ll drink to that.

Meanwhile on Conde Nast Traveler, local writers (and former CP contributors) Stephanie Burt and Allston McCrady turned in a joint byline piece title “26 Best Restaurants in Charleston.” We won’t spoil the list for ya, but suffice it to say its the usual suspects with a few wild cards — Henrietta’s, for example and new comer Millers All Day.

Finally, GQ gave us “11 Reasons Why The New Charleston Should Be Your Next Weekend Trip” on Sunday. Writer Brendan Vaughn’s No. 1 reason? Bill Murray. But wait, this piece is not as basic as that line might portend. Vaughn writes that “Paradoxically for a town as singular as Charleston, what makes the city so dynamic right now is what’s not that unique about it.” Um thanks? Turns out, Vaughn loves Charleston because of the “new people … and ideas that often have zero connection to the city’s past.” While we don’t entirely agree, he list of “must dos” pretty much reads like our own suggestions for visitors, so we can’t complain.

Read the lot of this week’s Charleston travel press or just go ahead and forward it all to your mom like we’re gonna do.