The Scissormen
Fiery Ron’s Home Team BBQ
(Sullivan’s Island)
Nov. 6

The Scissormen brought their blues duo to Home Team BBQ on Sullivan’s Island for an evening of light-hearted fun with the good ol’ I/IV/V. It was a low-key, chilly night out at the beach, as is often the case on Sullivan’s in the off season. A handful of bar-hopping regulars came and went while guitarist Ted Drozdowski and drummer Rob Hulsman played three sets of festive but tame blues rock.

More novel than blistering, The Scissormen were fun. What they may have lacked in fire and technical prowess, they made up for in communality. Drozdowski was big on crowd participation, wandering out into the audience, hopping on the bar, and even walking outside and across the street to entertain, using just about anything he could find to play slide guitar. He’s also a good sport, handling drunken fools with ease.

The only time a shtick or a gimmick really works is if there is substantial skill behind it. Otherwise, it’s just a trick. However, open-tuned slide work, some delay, and a nice raw tone is always cool. Even if you aren’t Elmore James or Hound Dog Taylor. Drozdowski’s vocals sounded uncannily similar to Cream-era Clapton. And Hulsman’s vintage kit sounded like a million bucks — especially his 26 inch kick drum (big, fat, and boomin’).