Look, I’ve long supported Barack Obama. And it has nothing to do with his policies. I couldn’t give a damn about health care reform in Afghanistan and government bailouts for the suffering poppy industry. Not my concern.

See, I’ve long admired Obama for one thing and one thing only: He’s a smoker.

You may see Barry’s lifelong habit as a weakness, but I don’t it. I’ve got no tolerance for the new puritanism. I’ve still got my balls. And so does Obama. He drinks. He smokes. He did cocaine. And that’s why he’s been my guy.

Until now.

The reason: President Obama just released his NCAA tourney picks, and he has Clemson picked to go out in the first round.

Yeah, I realize that the Tigers have gone out in the first round three out of their last four trips to the tournament, but, still, this is a travesty.

Obama, you and me are over with. Aloha, good buddy.