State Education Commissioner Jim Rex sends this along to those who value education

in South Carolina. He is trying to get one million signatures on a petition to

amend the state constitution. Currently the constitution guarantees a “minimally

adequate education,” which helps explain why we are perennially 49th or 50th in

national pubic education standings. Rex and at least 50,000 others want to change

that to guarantee a “high quality education.” Here is your chance to say you support

quality education by signing the online petition.

Dear public education supporter:

The petition to support a constitutional amendment establishing “high quality

education” as our standard for public education instead of “a minimally adequate

education” has reached 50,000 signatures.

You can help us take that number to the next level on the way to 1,000,000


Please take a few moments right now to add one more person to our growing list

of supporters. Forward this email now to at least one other person, and ask

them to sign the petition today at !

Let’s say goodbye to minimally adequate education.


Jim Rex