We’re swamped in CP endorsements. Fortunately, intern Myles Hutto has got our back:

Obama and Osama?

As Nov. 4 gets closer, the McCain campaign has done everything in their power to link Senator Obama to radicals like Rev. Wright and Bill Ayers. The GOP is now throwing around more accusations of Obama’s ties to radical terrorists. The McCain campaign now reports that Barack Obama has multiple ties to Osama Bin Laden and this time they have cold hard proof. According to a recent search, Obama and Bin Laden have over 20 mutual friends on facebook. While Obama and Bin Laden are not friends on Facebook they are members of the same Facebook groups like “W. lost his phone again. Need your digits” and “1,000,000 strong against Hillary Clinton.” Keep checking in as the City Paper will post more as the story progresses. —Myles Hutto