This is the last “On the Scene” comic from artist Joe Chang of Gold Light, a person I greatly admire as a musician making some of the dreamiest music I’ve ever heard in my entire life, as a human being who has taught me more than I ever expected, and as a comic, who added so much to this little music section in the City Paper for the past year. We are so lucky to have had him for so long and even luckier to get these three beautiful panels as the final “On the Scene.”

We at the City Paper all wish Joe well on his new adventures in Asheville and encourage you all to continue to follow his art (@JoeChangComics) and his music happenings (@GoldLightMusic).

Here’s a few last words he’s written for y’all as he ventures off to have an impact on yet another music scene—Kelly Rae Smith

A Final Note from the Artist
Many thanks to City Paper, especially Kelly Rae, for letting me draw these comics for the past year. Many thanks to all who have followed along and read them here and there, I hope they’ve brought a chuckle to your day.

If you’re a kid out there, who doesn’t fit in, who gets bullied or made fun of, who feels like they don’t belong, who can’t play a single note on a guitar, or carry a drum beat to save your life, who can’t sing or dance, that has no goals, who has sadness and madness all built up inside and you don’t know what to do with it, who has parents and teachers who keep telling you what you’re “supposed” to do with your life … but who loves music, who has the deep desire to create, who wants to belong to that strangely magical world, to be a part of Something, a family … go find a friend, or a close stranger, or even check the ads in the paper, and: START. YOUR. OWN. BAND.

Maybe you’ll never “make it.” Maybe others will say grow up. Maybe you’ll suck. But maybe, just maybe, you’ll end up writing the best story of your life.

See you on the scene,