f189/1241707153-la_cage_aux_folles_-_city_paper_6_resized.jpgWe sent two queens to check out Footlights’ drag show, La Cage aux Folles, last week. Verdict: Mostly thumbs up. The scuttlebutt, though, is that the audience really needs to get behind this production. First, it takes guts for a community theater to put on this kind of show. You think it’s easy for a grown (gay or straight) man to wear fishnets and heels? Second, their courage can’t last forever. It needs encouragement and that means more audience participation. Greg and Shane can only do so much. It’s up to you now. Besides, take at look at this picture by City Paper‘s Kaitlyn Iserman. Wanna know what to expect? Take a gander. That’s all you need to know, my friend. —JS