A Clemson University tradition is now on temporary hiatus. According to an Associated Press report, students will not burn a gamecock in effigy prior to the annual best-in-state showdown  in honor of the six USC students and one CU student who perished in a beach house fire.

“During this time of grieving, there needs to be a time of celebration, not a time of rivalry. We look forward to having the traditional Big Thursday come back next year, but this year was definitely not the right time,” said Anastasia Thyroff, a Clemson senior and event co-organizer, according to a news release on the school’s Web site.

Rather than holding a mock funeral and burning “Cocky,” the University of South Carolina mascot, before the Nov. 24 game, Clemson students instead plan to hold a pep rally Thursday that organizers are calling “Fowl Fest.”