A threat has passed for now, but only for the next couple of weeks. Please notify your friends in the the Midlands about this upcoming school board meeting.

District 5 postpones vote on club rules

(IRMO, SC) AP–Lexington-Richland 5 trustees postponed a vote on a controversial plan to add more regulations to noncurricular student clubs.

The proposal would add stringent rules to such clubs, including requiring parental consent for participation, banning those clubs from fundraising on school campuses and prohibiting clubs from using the school’s name.

The board is expected to take up the measure again June 23.

Eddie Walker, principal of District 5’s Irmo High School, said last month he would step down at the end of the next school year because a planned Gay-Straight Alliance club conflicts with his beliefs and religious convictions.

Officials had said the district couldn’t stop the alliance from forming because federal law prohibits discriminating against a club based on its purpose.

I suspect this new proposed requirement of parental consent is just another dodge designed to discourage enrollment in the proposed Gay-Straight Alliance at Irmo High School. Not all parents of LGBT teens are aware of their kids’ sexual orientation and for some kids, this awareness on the parents’ part has proven to be fatal.

Folks can’t expect the public schools to raise their children for them AND get to cherry-pick what gets discussed and what gets shoved under the mat.