Nearly 40,000 people ran across the Cooper River Bridge Saturday, and I was one of them. Waking up at 5:30 a.m. was no treat, especially after fooling myself that staying out the night before was a good idea. But I quickly forgot how tired I was after I saw all of the other runners lined down Calhoun, around King and all the way up George Street waiting to get on a school bus to take them to the starting line. Eventually everyone made it to Mt. Pleasant, and by 8:30 we crossed the starting line right before Shem Creek amidst an endless crowd of bobbing heads. While I thought that I might die/walk the whole thing, it was surprising how the camaraderie of the event pushed us all the way to the end without stopping. Notable costumes included a guy dressed as Gumby who cheered us on as we passed him, a pack of jailbirds, Dubya and his Secret Service agents, and a group of ’70s basketball players. With only a few casualties to be carried out in ambulances, this year’s Bridge Run proved a huge success. On the way in there were tons of helpful onlookers cheering and one van blasting “Soulja Boy” to get everyone to the finish line at Meeting and George Street. Fruit, muffins, and bagels provided by Bi-Lo awaited us and prepped everyone for the next segment of the day: drinking. Most of the champs went straight to the bars. Some folks took siestas and were ready to rage Saturday night. Day drinking turned into night drinking usually spells exhaustion, but not for these all-star athletes. It was a triumphant day, to say the least. —Hadley Lyman

I got a lot of basic pictures of people running, but a few stuck out as my favorites. See the full gallery here. —EJ