It’s not often that inaugural events get a thumbs up all around. Usually, at any event there’s plenty of grumbling, complaining, gossiping, and kvetching about everything from lines and glassware (or lack thereof) to quality of programming and attendee. I know, because I’m usually one of the ones criticizing. 

Last week’s first ever BevCon, an industry event that brought together bartenders, writers, PR professionals, distillers, winemakers, coffee roasters, breweries, and drinkers for a spirited convention, seems to have done the impossible and pleased everyone. The yearlong planning effort by founder Angel Postell (full disclosure: I did contract work with her PR firm for a year) and an impressive advisory council, made up of a contingent of knowledgeable professionals in their respective fields, resulted in a well-organized, well-run convention that got raves from the local venues (who usually bitch about being either fleeced by organizers or left out in the cold) as well as the 60 presenters and 250 attendees who praised the quality of seminars and events. 

In case you missed it, here’s a quick recap in pictures: