I made fun of this stuff Tuesday — and God knows I could be in an evacuation line by Wednesday with egg on my face — but, the early warnings of a tropical storm seem a little alarmist.

First, in the quick-and-dirty weather update on Channel 4 this morning, the weatherman warned of tropical weather reaching us by Tuesday or Wednesday next week.

Then the Post and Courier sounded the extra-early alarm.

A storm wave heading toward the Bahamas still might reach hurricane strength and slide up the East Coast, forecasters said Wednesday. It could be in the vicinity of the Lowcountry by Wednesday or Thursday next week.

If you keep digging in the story, you find the meat.

The storm could stay as far south as the Florida Straits. It could move up the coast or parallel to the coast, getting stronger on the way if it stays out to sea.

How much could happen in a week? The storm could go, well, anywhere.