I didn’t realize I had a taste for the macabre until a bought a photograph of a corpse. Well, not a real corpse. Just a mannequin that was lighted in such a way as to look like one. And it’s a beautiful picture. Eerie and lovely all at the same time. It’s funny what you find appealing sometimes. I just so happen to have a taste for the sublime decay and dark humor to be found in depictions of the human body.

With this in mind, I’m looking forward to Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, a theatrical cabaret performance by a group called 1927. The show combines live performance with aspects of silent films (stylized movement, sepia tones, grotesque make-up) and the sense of humor that’s a mix of Tim Burton and Stanley Kubrick. In fact, when I interviewed the director of the show a few weeks ago, she mentioned The Shining about half a dozen times. As if she were able to extrapolate the humor out of that creepy kid croaking “Red Rum” over and over again. And, now that I think of it, it is funny.

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