[image-1]U.N. ambassador and former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley is now our de facto spokesperson in the event of any robot/alien invasions.

That’s because Trint, a company that specializes in audio transcription services popular with journalists, ranked her as the most comprehensible orator in a list of real and fictional U.S. politicians, according to The State.

The A.I. service rated the politicos based on their enunciation, pace of speech, and complexity of words, meaning that Haley won her 99.48 percent accuracy rate thanks to the simplicity of her language.

President Trump came in at number 11 with a word error rate — the number of words the software could not interpret correctly at first try — slightly above two percent, still four spots ahead of the worst speaker: House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, with a word error rate of almost five percent.

“Trump comes out 99.5% correct, because he uses small words and speaks slowly,” Trint CEO Jeffrey Kofman told Quartz in March when describing Trump’s Jan. 31 Supreme Court nomination speech. “It’s actually not a good example, because it sets an expectation that everyone will be this good.”

President Obama came in at number 8 with a 1.53 error rate. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders sits at number 6 with a 1.44 error rate, and HBO Veep’s Selina Meyer, played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus, ranks fourth with a 1.26 percent error rate.