[image-1]This Saturday (Jan. 24), the Music Farm welcomes the Athens, Ga.-based tribute band Abbey Road Live! back to the stage for a two vigorous sets of Beatles tunes. Unlike some of the more gimmicky traveling trib acts, these guys focus on the authenticity of the original songs, arrangements, and vibes on the 1969 Beatles album Abbey Road and material from other Fab Four albums. I actually sat in with them on drums at a few shows in 2004 as “Ringo” — and it was much more complicated and challenging than I expected. [image-2]

The core of the band — guitarist Tim Conley, bassist Dave Domizi, and guitarist/keyboardist/red player Michael Wegner (pictured at right during an Abbey Road Live! road trip to Boone) — played together for years in Athens in a funky, tight rock band called the Fuzzy Sprouts. They were like the Meat Puppets and the Chili Peppers doing classic Bowie. With Abbey Road Live!, they’re more interested in celebrating the music, guitar licks, harmonies, and dynamics than in putting on some sort of wig ‘n’ costume cabaret act.

[image-3]They’ve done their homework. With sharp drummer Andrew “Silver Hammer” Hanmer handling the Ringo duties (including vocals on “Octopus’s Garden,” “A Little Help from my Friends,” and “Yellow Submarine”), it should a cool gig.

The band will play Abbey Road from top to bottom during the first set, then kick the second set off appropriately with the quick, hidden ditty of “Her Majesty.” Holler out for “Drive My Car” and get down on it. Music starts at 9 p.m.

(bottom two photos by T. Ballard Lesemann)