[image-1] ABC has put into development a “blue collar single mom comedy” from former Charleston-based comedian Dusty Slay and executive director of the Santa Clarita Diet, Chadd Gindin. According to ABC’s VP of Communications, Janet Daily, the project is still in the “very early stages.”

Written by Gindin, the as-of-now untitled project is inspired by Slay’s childhood growing up in an Alabama trailer park. The show is described thusly: “The story centers on a middle-aged single mother, who despite her blue collar lifestyle strives to give her loved ones all the joys of a normal life.” Slay will co-star in the show if it goes to series, which should be confirmed by May 2019.

Slay, who’s lived in Nashville since 2014, cut his teeth on the Charleston comedy scene, frequently taking home the “Best Local Comic” title in City Paper‘s Best of Charleston awards. This past year alone Slay has made headlines with performances on both Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel.

In a Jan. 2018 interview with City Paper, Slay said of our fair city, “I spent 10 years there. I love it. I became an alcoholic and sober in Charleston. Cause it’s so fun to drink in Charleston. The most fun is to drink in the daytime during the summer. And that can create a problem.”

Stay tuned for more details on the show.