[image-1]Following the outpouring of comments and shares of City Paper writer Alison Piepmeier’s recent column “Thank you for my beautiful life,” ABC News picked up the story. 

In the piece, “Journalist With Brain Cancer Thanks Those Who Made Her Life ‘Rich and Beautiful’ in Final Column,” Joi-Marie McKenzie writes,  

“Piepmeier has been battling a brain tumor for seven years, but last month she wrote that her tumor had gotten progressively bigger and she no longer had treatment options. She’s currently in hospice care.

But Piepmeier’s cancer hasn’t stopped her from doing what she loves: writing.”

Piepemeier went onto share why she chose to write the column. “I’ve spent years writing about cancer, but also about children, disability, abortion, Down syndrome, homophobia, and other challenging topics. I wanted to finish by writing about things that always matter, but especially those things that matter at the end: love, family, friendship, gratitude, and forgiveness.”

“As I feel myself slipping away,” she added, “I wanted to say goodbye while I still could.”

Here at City Paper, we’re thrilled to see Piepmeier’s beautiful and brave story reach a national audience. To read the full ABC News feature, click here