Our (sometimes) daily, (often) irreverent look at what’s happened in the day’s news.


• Va. Beach police take issue with “obscene” Abercrombie store advertising. Um. Have they never been in the store before? Do they think we shop there for the cheap prices?

[image-2]• President Bush unveils $3.1 trillion digital picture frame. Much like other technology, we’ll wait until 2009 when it’ll be cheaper and improved.

• Tom Petty’s barely breathing half-time performance has NFL officials anxiously trying to book Roy Orbison. (Don’t give me that face — it’s only funny because he’s dead).

• NASA proves it is on the cutting edge of space exploration by sending a song recorded 4 decades ago. The track is, of course, “Across The Universe.” Because aliens love symbolism.

• The Vatican makes a call for more exorcists. Forget it, guys. Nothing can stop Hannah Montana until her head starts spinning.