The American College of the Building Arts is in the running for a considerable grant from Pepsi. The soft drink giant is giving away $1.3 million in grants every month with their Pepsi Refresh Everything project. The idea is to support people, businesses, and nonprofits that hope to have a positive impact on the community.

Pepsi is accepting 1,000 new ideas every month, and the winner will be chosen based on online votes — so head over to and weigh in. You can also text 104043 to 73774.

ACBA’s mission is training a new generation of artisans and building a sustainable 21st century, and they’re currently ranked number 178 in the polls — so they need your help. If they win, they’ll be awarded a much-needed $250,000 grant. They’ll use it to support scholarships, recruitment, the building of a new science lab, and new materials. Voting ends on Nov. 30.