South Carolina National Office of American Civil Liberties Union invites you to a free screening of American Violet

An innocent woman is arrested, charged, and imprisoned for drug trafficking inthis film based on the life of Regina Kelly, a 24-year-old mother of four in a smalltown in Texas. Ms. Kelly refuses to plead guilty or plea bargain and, with thehelp of the ACLU and others in her community, she challenges the local criminaljustice system. The film explores the issues of racial profiling and other inequities in the “war ondrugs,” and it dramatizes the importance of standing up for our civil liberties.

With the participation of:

Representative David J. Mack, III, SC House of Representatives, Charleston County, District 109
Reverend Joseph Darby, Pastor — Morris Brown AME Church and 1 Vice President of the Charleston Branch of the NAACP

Graham Boyd, Attorney, Director of the ACLU Drug Law Reform Project, who represented Ms. Kelly

Monday, October 26 at 7:00 PMat the Terrace Theater
Admission FREE