Second State Coffee, formerly Black Tap Coffee, is bringing back Affogato Fridays, a ritual the CofC area hotspot used to practice back in the olden days circa 2012. Last month, the Beaufain bean slingers rebranded with hints at “future steps of growth.”

After a new coat of paint and some new interior touches, Second State’s first order of business is to re-institute their Affogato Fridays, this time with pastry magicians Cynthia Wong and Mary Oster’s new mobile ice cream cart Life Raft Treats.

Second State’s Ross Jett says that “compared to our old affogatos, which were just vanilla bean ice cream served with espresso and homemade toffee, this summer’s affogato menu will change weekly and is designed to showcase something fun that the Life Raft Crew is working on.”

So starting this Fri. from 1:30-4:30 p.m., swing by Second State for an affogato featuring Life Raft’s burnt honey ice cream with a crunchy honey sponge candy topped with a shot of Second State espresso.