One African-American activist organization isn’t happy about Gov. Mark Sanford’s bid to use stimulus money to pay down South Carolina’s debt instead of funding job stimulus programs and state agencies. And they claim to have done something about it., an online-based activist group, is claiming that “it tied up the [phone] lines at Sanford’s office throughout the day to drive home the importance of putting economic recovery — in South Carolina and throughout the country — before political posturing.”

The groups claims that “more than 600 calls were made to the governor by Monday by members of”

Joel Sawyer, spokesperson for the governor’s office, says that he didn’t know if ColorOfChange placed hunderds of calls, adding that he personally did not answer a single phone call from the organization.

ColorOfChange was cofounded by James Rucker, a former director specializing in grassroots campaigns. The group states “that black South Carolinians, nearly a third of the state’s population, will be hit particularly hard by Sanford’s decision to reject stimulus funds. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that blacks in that state are twice as likely as whites to be unemployed.”