[image-2] It was all a blur, the night in 2014 when I made it into the exclusive, key-card only Calhoun Street nightclub. Twenty-three and still able to take shots without grimacing, Trio was the place to dance late into the evening/early morning. And I hear that before 2013, the spot was even more … fun.

Trio’s grand re-opening will take place starting tonight, Fri. March 22 at 7 p.m. and will continue through Sunday morning. Downstairs entertainment for Friday will include Bubba Bryant and The Midnight City Band, with Tony YNot Roach and Elephante upstairs. Saturday has Matt Morris and Seth G starting at 7 p.m. downstairs, with YNot and Mister Gray upstairs.

“Trio for a while was the only nightclub,” says new owner Eric Gussin, who bought out Trio’s partners including friend and prolific Charleston developer Mike Shuler.

“But it was a nightclub up to Charleston standards. I think by being able to bring it up to Miami and New York standards all those people that come into town for bachelor and bachelorette parties and weekends away will have that upstairs, and for people who are local and it’s overkill they’ll have the downstairs, which is something completely different.”

[image-3] Unsure about whether to try the new and improved club? Here’s a breakdown of what they’re offering:

A new lighting and sound system so advanced that famed Miami nightclub e11even is tearing out what they have to replace it with this model.

Nationally recognized DJs gracing the club — Gussin says that because of the skill of their talent buyer and their new systems, big name disc jockeys are ready to make the trip to the Holy City. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that “we’re perfectly routed between Miami and Atlanta,” says Gussin.

A fat entertainment budget, so Gussin can afford to pull in talent from “all around the world” from bands to electronic duos.

Future plans for a brunch club. As in, you sit down to brunch food one Sunday every month and then progress upstairs to for an epic day party with the windows blacked-out.

A simple bar menu focused on skewers “because they’re sultry and sexy, everything is in one bite,” says Gussin. Think chicken and waffles, sushi, ahi tuna, mini cheeseburgers.

Something better than bottle service — nugget service (!). “Nugget buckets will be available for late night VIP, you can order a bucket of chicken nuggets to-go or brought to the table,” says Gussin.

A key, but not the exclusive must-have kind. Think of it as a customer appreciation key. Frequent flyers will earn benefits, so on busy weekends you can jump the long line, get exclusive access to the brunch club, etc.

A lounge-like downstairs and patio for the early-to-bed crowd who aren’t ready to don their bodycon dresses for an evening on the upstairs dance floor.

Interior glow up featuring new flooring, bar tops, and bathrooms. The tiny downstairs women’s room has been expanded and now features three stalls, an LED makeup counter, and ‘oh crap kits’ with bandaids, sewing tools, etc.

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