[image-1]After 14 years running the beloved Bluerose Cafe, Denis O Doherty has sold his West Ashley restaurant. In a Facebook statement, Doherty posted, “The time has come for me to exit the Bluerose after almost 14 years owning the rose and 40 years in the food and beverage industry. I’m tired.”

The Montford Group, a consulting and development company, has taken ownership of the Bluerose and Founder and COO Jessica Reid says that while the doors have not shut, Montford’s Restaurant President Jared Jones (who opened Pawpaw with his father Keith) has begun making changes to the menu and layout.

“He’s taken over and is tweaking the menu and adding some flair and some good stuff. It will be American but still keep some Irish plates,” says Reid.

Reid adds that Bluerose will become more of a workspace with wifi and a community table in addition to serving Black Tap Coffee and fresh juices, a far cry from the grilled soda bread and old fashioned Irish breakfast.

That said, Reid didn’t indicate that the changes would be too dramatic. Keeping the community Doherty fostered seems central to Montford Group’s goals.

In a Facebook post on Bluerose’s page, Jones assured regulars of the company’s intentions:

“As we move into the next chapter in the life of “Bluerose,” you will be seeing a lot of my face personally, scruffy and shaggy as it may be, and I intend to respect and nurture relationships you have built over the years with both the people and place that make this restaurant so special.

In the coming weeks, the ladies and gentlemen of Montford do also hope to make some changes, with the best possible intentions, which we hope you will enjoy: a little t.l.c. for the brick and mortar, global wines, local beers, Black Tap coffee, Fili-West Farm eggs, and Saffron’s incredible baked goods, just to name a few.”