[image-1] After an investigation into social media posts allegedly made by a new hire, Dorchester school district officials say the person is no longer involved with the district.

A statement released by Dorchester District 2 on Tuesday does not go into details about the former employee’s identity or the specific circumstances that led to cutting ties.

The district’s update comes a week after a Twitter account that collects screenshots of racist and anti-semitic social media posts published a thread with posts allegedly made by a school employee in the district. The person in question has since deleted their accounts.

The statement from the district read:

“The district regrets the pain and concern this situation has caused, especially to our students and families. Our district has a strong commitment to embracing diversity, equity, and fostering the relationships we have among all students, families, and community members. We strongly believe that students and adults should experience respect and caring within the school community every day.”

As the district investigated social media posts among their own employees, protesters in South Carolina and nationwide were gathering to sound the alarm on institutional racism among law enforcement and abuses of power.