[image-2]Well, shit on a shingle. The loss of Cypress last weekend was one thing, but now Hospitality Management Group, Inc. (which also owns Blossom and Magnolias) has announced that it’s shuttering Spring Street’s Artisan Meat Share too, effective this Sunday, and the food scene in Charleston suddenly seems just a little bit gloomier.

[image-4]Perhaps we should have predicted this. Like some horrible charcuterie foreshadowing, our last interview with AMS Chef Craig Deihl hinted that things might not be perfect in meat land. In our story, “What’s the Cure?”, Deihl revealed his struggle with new cumbersome South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control regulations regarding “special process” operations, and he wasn’t feeling optimistic. “I’m not going to make a product that tastes like something from the grocery. My number one fear is the loss of quality,” he said in February.

At that point, Deihl’s storage room of aged coppa, salamis, lamb bacon, bresaola, picante, mortadella, and pancetta was nearly depleted. “For now, I’m not doing any dry charcuterie, and it’s depressing me,” he added. Now, three months later, we’re told the wildly popular sandwich shop is shuttering.

While HMGI hasn’t suggested that the DHEC drama had anything to do with AMS’s closure, in hindsight it feels prophetic.
[content-1] So here we are, left without one of the best sandwich shops in the city, with mere hours to get our final fix. There’s hope that Bob Cook, AMS’ chef de cuisine, might take over, but that’s just rumor for now. In the meantime, you have T-minus five days to get your porchetta fix. I’ll probably see you there. I’ll be the gal in the corner crying into a tuna niçoise.

UPDATE: Edmund’s Oast has announced that Bob Cook will join the restaurant as executive chef beginning Tues. June 6.