Kate Stewart is making a place for Charlestonians who lust for big-city style but wouldn’t consider moving away. Her recently launched website Alice & Daisy — aliceanddaisy.com — encompasses all aspects of the city’s style scene, from how to host an end-of-summer brunch to transitioning your wardrobe into fall to finding the best new music around.

Stewart graduated from the College of Charleston in 2005, and, after attending Parsons School for Design and completing several internships in New York City, moved back to the South and began working on the website. “Compared to when I was in college, [Charleston is] a lot more creative,” Stewart says. “There are a lot more interesting individuals doing very interesting things. The music scene is getting bigger here. It’s nice living in a city this creative. I think the constant influx of creativity inspires me.”

In between two part-time jobs, Stewart runs the site with help from interns and volunteers. “I would describe it as a culture, fashion, and lifestyle blog,” she says. “It’s definitely useful and creative; it takes a lot of street style and makes the fashion a little more tangible and attainable, so to speak. And that’s why I always call it unassuming. … My mother called it the Reader’s Digest for preppy hipsters.” Stewart, however, isn’t a fan of the “h” word.

The frequently updated site offers a D.I.Y. section where readers can learn to make jorts or how to pull off the latest runway hairstyles. Directions are simple, and a wealth of photographs makes the newest trends easy to follow. The Our Girl segment features pictures and interviews with Charleston gals with superior styling skills, and in-vogue locals are highlighted in the Street Style section. The Styles section gives notice to upcoming trends and articles on local retailers, and the Scrapbook includes editorial-type fashion shoots from locations all over the city.

The name of the site was inspired by Stewart’s own personal style. “One day I wake up and I want to wear tulle and some ballet flats, the next I want to go out in a biker jacket and some studs and dark black eyeliner. And for awhile I tried to pick one over the other, and it just didn’t work — and I don’t think you necessarily have to. I think there’s always kind of a pull in different directions with fashion.”

If you’re looking for that Scott Schuman-type of spotlight here in Charleston, Stewart revealed what she looks for in her street style photographs. “I guess I can usually tell from a block or two away how hard someone tried. I can tell if it’s them, it’s them completely,” she says.

Style, not trends, is what Alice & Daisy is all about.