[image-1] The quaint storefront at 73 Spring St. was home to WildFlour Pastry for 10 years before the beloved shop closed this July. The shop wasn’t empty for long, though — Coquin, an all-day Parisian cafe, opened in late September.

Coquin is “dedicated to the art of Parisian lifestyle” and for their petite-shop “the lines between cafe and bar are blurred,” according to their website.

Chip Grimalda and Ann McPhaul are co-owners of the cafe, with Grimalda serving as executive chef. When we chat, he says that he wants Coquin to be a “very relaxed, cozy, intimate neighborhood meeting spot.”

Grimalda emphasizes how he and McPhaul “love Spring Street” because “it’s the neighborhood vibe.” In recent years, that vibe has taken the form of busy students, curious tourists, and seasoned locals.

[image-2] Grimalda says the concept was rumbling around in his head for “8 to 10 years” and when he and McPhaul passed the empty WildFlour space, they saw the potential. Rapidly falling for the petite shop, the two pursued a lease that very night, excited to “jump into the neighborhood.”

At Coquin, “mornings begin with silky lattes, specialty coffees, and hand-crafted pastries.” The breakfast lineup includes croissants, muffins, and scones as well as quiche and avocado toast.

Sandwiches and salads make up the lunch menu with items like French grilled cheese, caprese, and chicken salad.

When the evening hits, charcuterie and small plates are served tapas style alongside wines, cocktails, and beers. Plates include tuna tartare with pressed caviar and tomatoes, fresh chickpea salad, and marinated artichokes. Grimalda’s favorites on the menu are “a tie between the artichokes, burrata, and heirloom tomatoes.”

Customers have told Grimalda they have the “best frose in Charleston” and what Grimalda calls “one of the best happy hours in town with $5 glasses of wine.”

Dessert rounds out the menu with the creations of pastry chef Rian Booker — Booker whips up treats like Meyer lemon tart, chocolate malt cake, and spiced apple crumble.

The all-day cafe is open from 6 a.m. – 10 p.m. Sun. through Wed. and 6 a.m. – 11 p.m. Thurs. through Sat. [location-1]