A friend of mine sent me an email apparently from Cory Burnell, the head of Christian secessionist group, Christian Exodus, concerning U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham and Buddy Witherspoon, who is running against the senior senator.

Now, maybe this thing is a fake, although my friend, who is on the Xian Exodus mailing list, assures me it’s not. The letter is not up on the site. I just sent a letter to both Burnell (for confirmation) and Buddy Witherspoon (for comment). So far nothing.

I’ll paste the text below; all the images and what not that pretty up the email are missing from the text below. For those interested in the email, contact me and I’ll forward it.

Support Buddy Witherspoon for U.S. Senate

Dear friends,

Many of you are aware that South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham is a liberal and a closet homosexual (the new standard in the Republican Party these days). He continues to support amnesty for illegal aliens despite outrage from the citizens he’s supposed to represent. Graham would be well suited to represent the people of New England, Illinois or California, but is completely out of step with the people of South Carolina.

Well, good news hit the wire last week. Mr. Buddy Witherspoon will run against Graham in the upcoming Republican primary election in June. Not knowing Mr. Witherspoon, I sent an inquiry to all our members in South Carolina asking their opinions of him. I quickly received many glowing responses from patriots we know and trust who spoke extremely highly of Mr. Witherspoon. We can quite certainly say that he should be supported at every opportunity and with all available resources.

So if you’d like to see Senator Grahamnesty replaced by a true Christian patriot, then please volunteer for Buddy Witherspoon’s campaign and/or support it financially. His replacement of Graham in the U.S. Senate will benefit all Americans as well as South Carolinians.

His campaign website is http://buddywitherspoon.com/.

Please volunteer for his campaign at http://buddywitherspoon.com/joinus/.

Please donate to his campaign at http://buddywitherspoon.com/donatenow/.

In His service,


Cory R. Burnell, MBA

President & Chairman

P.S. Please forward this email to likeminded family and friends encouraging them to join us at www.ChristianExodus.org.


The same friend who sent me the email discussed above, has now sent an email allegedly from Burnell apologizing for his comments about Graham. The text is below, and like before, if you want to receive a copy of the email, just let me know.

I Beg Your Pardon

Dear friends,

I was held accountable by a fellow CE member earlier today, and rightfully so, for my comment about Senator Grahamnesty being a closet homosexual. I didn’t think twice about the comment when I wrote it, because I believe it to be true, but believing something doesn’t make it so! The Senator has not admitted to such behavior nor been proven to engage in it, and therefore should be considered an innocent man in that regard. I should have been more responsible than to fuel a rumor like that, and certainly as a Christian it is inappropriate for me to cast aspersions upon a man until he’s proven guilty. So I beg your pardon regarding that statement in my earlier email.

I will proof my comments more closely in the future with the ever-present intent to honor and glorify Christ through them.

In His service,