The second annual Track-or-Treat alley-cat kicked off at the Recovery Room on Saturday. For those of you unfamiliar with alley-cat racing, here’s a quick breakdown: bike riders are given a manifest with a list of checkpoints. There is no defined route, no stopped traffic, and, at the risk of sounding like a bad plug for FUEL.TV, there are no rules. The fastest person to hit every checkpoint and reach the end wins. These checkpoints went from the Battery to Magnolia Cemetery and included a climb up the Ravenel Bridge to weed out the weak. Racers used everything from full-on road-warrior aluminum frames to the ever more common pre-built fixed gear. Out of a field of nearly 30 racers, Katie Mauldin took first prize.

This year, the finish was at the Pedicab Shed (which doubles as the Holy City Bike Co-Op work space) for the Cover Show, which featured local musicians playing songs by their favorite bands, plus dollar PBRs. It was more than a show, though — it was a wicked Halloween party. Like most events worth crashing on the peninsula, the fire marshal eventually shut the place down around 11 p.m.