After nearly seven years of introducing unique art from all over the world to the Charleston community, Allison Sprock Fine Art is closing its doors.

“I’m very sad to leave,” says Sprock. “I’ll miss the people and the water the most, I think.”

Sprock, who is originally from Greensboro, N.C., attended UNC-Chapel Hill, where she studied communications. After college, she lived in New York, Charlotte, Atlanta, and San Francisco before settling in Charleston, but she never worked for a gallery until she opened her own.

“I had always loved art. My aunt Louise is a very good artist,” Sprock says. “She originally inspired me. Then about 10 years ago, I got divorced and just finally said I would start my own gallery and hope for the best.”

Sprock is moving to Charlotte, where she runs a second gallery. There are many reasons for her move besides simply consolidating, including her aging yellow lab, Lucy, who has always been a fixture in the gallery. “Lucy is having trouble going up my stairs,” says Sprock. “And she’s 12 and a half. That’s one of the reasons that prompted me. Also, I’ve always loved Charlotte. I have tons of good friends and my family up there.”

A consolidation sale will last through Sat., June 25, and everything in the gallery is 20 percent off. ­­