The Craft Beer All Star Showdown lets City Paper readers choose between two Charleston beers in our weeklong showdown. Check out the full bracket below. Today’s first match-up is Palmetto Brewing’s Amber Ale vs. Frothy Beard’s Tides of Galway.Voting for this match-up ends at 9 p.m. TODAY.

Amber Ale by Palmetto Brewing Co.
American Amber / Red Ale, 5.5% ABV

This copper-colored drink is a slightly hoppy amber ale but not as sweet as most ambers. Palmetto amber has hints of toffee and medium carbonation with a mild finish.

Tides of Galway by Frothy Beard
Irish Red, 7% ABV

Frothy Beard was aiming for traditional toffee flavors with this red ale, and that’s what they’ve produced. Toasted malts waft above citrus and earthy notes.