The Craft Beer All Star Showdown lets City Paper readers choose between two Charleston beers in our weeklong showdown. Check out the full bracket below. We’re on to round two today in Amber/Brown. Today’s first match-up is Revelry’s Lean or Fat? vs vs. Frothy Beard’s Tides of Galway.Voting for this match-up ends at 3 p.m. TODAY.

Lean or Fat? by Revelry
English Pale Mild Ale, 4% ABV

This summer sipper was specially made for Revelry’s John Lewis Barbecue Series, and it instantly became a hit. The light ABV allowed for easy sipping while awaiting brisket in the sweltering heat. That said, it imparts a slightly salty taste. The beer took home the gold in the English Ale category at the U.S. Open Beer Championship this summer.

Tides of Galway by Frothy Beard
Irish Red, 7% ABV

Frothy Beard was aiming for traditional toffee flavors with this red ale, and that’s what they’ve produced. Toasted malts waft above citrus and earthy notes.