[embed-1]An indiscernible iPad was responsible for a two-hour flight delay and evacuation at the Charleston International Airport while the bomb squad examined the “suspicious package” Friday morning.

Airport CEO Paul Campbell said that TSA staff compared the “laptop” to others when it was discovered at around 5 a.m., but it “didn’t look quite right.” A statement from the airport released later in the morning clarified that the item was, in fact, an iPad.

“It was suspicious enough, we called the EOD [Explosive Ordinance Disposal] to look at it,” Campbell said in an impromptu statement to various TV channels this morning. “They came in and looked at it and said it was a suspicious device, so we took all the precautions in the world.”
[embed-4]”We moved the people 350 yards away from the device. The EMT responded, we had fire trucks on site, so everybody did a really great job this morning,” Campbell said.

The person who brought the item was held at the Charleston Police Department and eventually rebooked on a later flight when no threat was determined.

Campbell, who is also a state senator, has been in the news recently for a DUI charge after he rear-ended a vehicle on the highway and allegedly switched seats with his wife.

Airport spokeswoman Charlene Gunnells said the airport resumed operations at 7 a.m.
[embed-2]”Everything’s back to normal now,” she said

In an inspiring display of human resiliency, the potentially catastrophic event didn’t stop this lovely couple from snapping a timely evacuation selfie.