I read with great interest the letter to the Post and Courier, on August 24th that was titled “Ticket defies logic”. A few days before I had begun counting the number of illegally parked vehicles in the Historic District, while giving bus tours. I used the following crteria: any vehicle in a clearly marked “NO PARKING” zone; passenger cars in commercial loading zones; any vehicle in spaces assigned to CARTA buses and tour buses only; any vehicle blocking a fire hydrant or driveway; any vehicle parked facing the wrong way on a two-way street. During thirty working days, between August 17th and September 30th, I counted a total of 3,619 vehicles using the above criteria. That is an average of 120 vehicles per day. On saturdays and sundays, that average is 2-4 times more. There were some instances where I counted a vehicle multiple times. For several months, there has been an older model brown GMC van parked on Rutledge Avenue, near Colonial Lake, in a Residential Parking Permit District without the required parking permit decal. During this time, I have never seen it ticketed, towed, or booted. The for illegally parking in a tour bus stop is $45.00. That is a total of $162,855 in loss revenue. By the way, that GMC van belongs to [removed], so I guess we’ll let him slide for now.